Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It’s Happening Again

I’m back to being completely obsessed with Twilight again! When I first read the books (the “saga” really), I was bitten by the bug like everyone else. I devoured all four novels and even went so far as to read “Midnight Sun” (the unfinished novel written from Edward’s perspective) online. I was a woman obsessed!

Then, time passed, the movie came out, and my fascination subsided. I saw the movie and thought it was pretty good, put the books on the shelf, and life returned to normal…or did it!? Now, more than a year later, my own personal Twilight mania is back!! I really feel like a true addict that has fallen off the wagon!

Over the weekend, I innocently borrowed my friend’s DVD of “Twilight.” Then, just for kicks, I picked up the first book again and started to reread it. Big Mistake. In one weekend, I have now managed to turn into a major fanatic again. I am no better than the screaming, 13-year old fans wearing “Team Edward” shirts!! I am now counting down the days until Nov 20th, the New Moon movie premiere. However, I don’t just want another movie, I want another book!! I can’t get enough!!

“Say it”

I hope you have a great day!


Emily said...

This is such an accurate description of my obsession with Twilight!! Now that I'm seeing trailers for New Moon I've turned into a major fanatic again! I want another book too!!

Solar Powered said...

Ha! I work with a girl that watches the DVD 3 out of 7 nights per week. You are not alone.

I've yet to read it, do I dare?

Northern Girl Southern Living said...

I've been the same way! Last year when I read the books I was beyond obsessed and I'm getting into my need.. edward... now.. phase again haha. When is she going to actually publish midnight sun? What she has so far is so great!

Barefoot in the Park said...

say it...

love it!

Maureen said...

Love your energy! I read the series in the spring, but I haven't seen Twilight. I need to rent it. Thanks for the "push."

Beth Dunn said...

What did you think of the online book from Edwards perspective? Should I read it? I can't wait for the movie New Moon! oxox