Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Best Weekend Ever!!

This past weekend was my best friend’s wedding, and it was so magical! When D and I started driving on Thursday morning, the whole east coast was being pummeled with rain. However, by Friday morning, everything was sunny and beautiful in Jacksonville, Florida!
On Friday we had the bridesmaids’ luncheon at one of the bridesmaids mother’s home. It was so welcoming and fun! We were greeted with mimosas and fried green tomato appetizers, and then sat down to an amazing luncheon with wonderful sweet tea to drink! Oh my goodness, I miss the southern hospitality of Jacksonville!

The wedding was at the Cummer Museum of Art in the gardens and it was just beautiful. There are not many locations like it. The gardens are right on the St. John's River and are filled with live oak trees with spanish moss hanging. So lovely!
D and I stayed at the Riverdale Inn just down the street, and it was so much fun to stay at a Bed and Breakfast! I just loved it. I want to post some photos, but I probably need to wait to let the bride post some first!

If you are ever in Jacksonville, FL, you MUST stop at a Peterbrooke Chocolatier shop and try some chocolate popcorn. It may sound a little strange, but it is the most amazing stuff on Earth! When we arrived to our room in Jacksonville, the bride and groom had a gift bag waiting in our room with, you guessed it, the chocolate popcorn! D is not even a chocolate lover and he devoured a whole bag!

What a wonderful weekend!


New aGe said...

I DIE for Peterbrooke chocolate popcorn. There was one in Winter Park that I went to all too frequently in college. Perfectly sweet and salty the best guilty pleasure snack.

Petunia said...

Sounds like a fabulous wedding! Chocolate popcorn--I need to try that!
I love the chocolate-covered potato chips from Kilwin's chocolate.

VeggieGirl said...

It was the most magical weekend ever, wasn't it? I am so sad its over.

And you aren't kidding about the chocolate covered popcorn! It is the best thing ever and is addictive.

Darling said...

Oh thank you honey!! It was the best weekend of my life b/c of my dear friends and family like you! I can't wait to go through the photos together!!!