Monday, November 9, 2009

Wedding Day Fun!

The countdown has begun! I am now less than a week away from my best friend, Darling’s wedding day! D and I are heading to Jacksonville, FL on Thursday morning, and I can NOT wait! Darling is going to make the most beautiful bride and Jacksonville is one of my Top 10 places in the whole world (I spent my elementary and middle school years there)! What a happy occasion!!

One thing that my sister did for me, that I am doing for Darling, is to assemble a “wedding day survival bag.” Even though I didn’t end up needing anything from it on my wedding day, for some reason, it just made me feel better to know that I had every tool I could possibly need to avert any sort of emergency “wedding” situation. I even had my sister bring duct tape in case of a massive rip in my wedding gown!

So, apparently there are pre-made wedding survival kits you can buy, but knowing Darling well, I want to make this one myself. So here is everything I think a bride may or may not need on her wedding day!

Dress and Shoes Survival

· Shout wipes
· Double sided tape and, again, some packing tape.
· White chalk (I read about this as a last ditch remedy to disguise any stains on the wedding gown…genius!)
· Sewing kit (with tiny scissors)
· Safety pins
· Blister guard
· Bandaids
· Lint brush

Beauty survival

· A little mirror
· Blotting paper
· Lipstick
· Q-tips
· Makeup remover
· Brush
· Little hairspray
· Bobby pins
· Nail file
· Tissues


· Tums
· Advil/Midol/Aleve
· Little Deodorant
· Breath mints
· Tampons
· Eyedrops
· Purell

Mood Stabilization

· Alcohol (just kidding, but not really…)
· EmergenC (I doubt she would be low energy, but just in case)
· Rescue Remedy (for any jitters)
· A ginger ale and saltines (cure for an upset tum!)
· Maybe a magazine? (Darling does love mags, so maybe I will bring one in case she starts feeling overwhelmed?)

I found a really cute bag that fits everything, and Darling will be able to keep it after the wedding! Also, my sister will take the bag and stash it somewhere inconspicuous during the reception, so everything will be “on hand” throughout the day and into the night.

Okay, now I need some help. Can you think of anything else a bride might need? Or is there something you wished you had on your wedding day?


Nicole-Lynn said...

That is very sweet of you! I'm sure she will love it!

Solar Powered said...

Bobby pins are a must! I didn't have flip flops with me or deordorant...can you believe? And I had a beach wedding. I'm so glad you are doing this for her because when the day comes it's just too difficult to remember all that stuff.

Solar Powered said...

A glass of champagne came in handy at my wedding and at my best friends'...eases the nerves :)

Darling said...

It was the BEST emergency kit ever! You are the best friend in entire WORLD!!! I loved my bag!!!