Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tomorrow is Another Day!

I had the worst “case of the Mondays” yesterday! I had a wonderful weekend with my sister. We just relaxed, took walks and made delish food. Then came the dreaded moment when she had to get back on the bus and go home. I always get so sad to see her go!

To make matters worse, on Sunday our plumbing started acting up. To be more specific, our toilet decides to overflow, then stop working altogether…in our one bathroom apartment. Some people from emergency maintenance came and weren’t able to fix it, so on Sunday night I am frantically leaving a voicemail for my landlord trying to figure out what to do. He called me back and started yelling saying that this wasn’t his fault; it was my fault, etc, etc. I started getting really upset about the tone of voice he was using, and then I realized that he kept repeating the same thing over and over and getting louder and more belligerent, and then he starts muttering and mumbling and slurring. And then it hit me that he was drunk! I went ahead and hung up the phone. I guess Sunday nights are hard for everyone…

So dealing with all that on Sunday night and Monday wasn’t the best, BUT today is a new day (and things were fixed by the time I got home on Monday), and I did several things to cheer myself up!

1) I had D take me to 5 Guys! I didn’t feel like cooking and 5 Guys fries are SO good!
2) I went and got a new bath mat and hand towels for the bathroom. When I got home, I cleaned and bleached the bathroom from top to bottom and set out the new things!

3) I bought myself some new pink dishwashing gloves! Yes, it is a little lame, but times are tough; I couldn’t exactly buy myself a new LV bag! Hee hee


Milltini said...

5 Guys is amazing! It always brightens my day ;-)

Solar Powered said...

Sorry about your Monday. I have passed those gloves 5 times and wanted to buy them - glad you did! My husband loves 5 guys, I haven't been yet.