Friday, March 6, 2009


It has been a strange morning already. All morning, as I was walking to the metro, on the metro, off the metro, and walking to my office, I kept feeling like something was in my left eye (other than my contact, that is). It was driving me crazy and making it hard to see! Later when I got to the office and had a minute to go check it, I noticed that my contact had literally torn into two pieces right down the middle! It was the oddest thing, but it is also a bummer because that was my last set of contacts, and now I will be stuck with glasses until I can get a new set of contacts….hmm..

However, I can’t be down because my sister is coming to visit this weekend! Last night I went to Trader Joes and got some wine, chocolate, and all the ingredients for our favorite guacamole and shrimp pasta. Also, the weather is supposed to get nice, warm and sunny so I love that!!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Sarah said...

I hate it when that happens!! I'm due for a new pair of specs, going to the eye doctor next week!

Have fun with your sister, it's supposed to be gorgeous this weekend!!! : )

Muffy said...

OMG!!!! Broke in two?!?!?! That's WILD!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

I have had a contact do that. That pasta sounds delicious! Have fun with your sister!

Mags said...

I hate when I'm down to my last pair of contacts and something happens!!! I've never heard of it splitting in two, though.

Have a wonderful weekend with your sister. I can't wait to be out and about with my family this weekend...we're making a special trip to the Lincoln Monument since my son has been enamored with him since studying about him in preschool. :)