Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Top Tier

Over the weekend, D and I also celebrated a major milestone, even if it was a tad premature. Our first anniversary is in a few weeks, and my wonderful mother has been storing the top tier of our wedding cake in her freezer all this time! Since it was so close to our anniversary, and we were all together in Florida, we decided to defrost the tier and dig in!

Okay, now I think it is customary for the cake to taste a little strange after a year in the freezer, so the "newlyweds" simply have a few bites of their cake for good luck or something. However, not the case here! We devoured the year-old, little cake! I don't know why or how, but it honestly tasted as good, if not better, than it did at the reception! And this time, I got to eat a lot more of it than I did on my wedding day!

I think this is a testament to where I got my cake. When looking at bakeries, the most important thing to me was that the wedding cake taste good. We have all been to those weddings where the cake looks amazing, but tastes like sawdust, and I did not want that to happen! My guests deserved a pretty cake that was moist and delicious. Therefore, some of you Florida girls can probably guess where I turned...Publix!

For those of you not from Florida or Georgia, Publix is a regional grocery store chain, but I really think the produce and bakery are better than most grocers. I was so unbelievably happy with my cake (which cost a fraction of what a boutique bakery would have charged), and I had one guest tell me it was the best cake she had ever eaten. We did three tiers of marble cake with different fillings for each tier and buttercream frosting. I had the florist decorate the cake with fresh flowers, and the sweet woman at the bakery put swiss dots and a grosgrain ribbon around each tier! Of course! They also made a cute groomscake to look like a golf course (complete with the little golf cart and flag) for D, a huge golfer. It was vanilla cake with fresh strawberry filling, and he was in heaven! (And also very happy to be marrying me as well! Hee hee)


Cal mom said...

Darling wedding pix. Love your blog and happy anniversary.

Muffy said...

Awwww! How lovely! I'm so glad the cake was still good!!!!

Petunia said...

Oh my gosh--upon seeing the picture of your gorgeous cake I never would have guessed Publix! I had no idea they did such beautiful wedding cakes--good to know
I can't believe it still tasted good as well!!