Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Happy Surprise

When I got home from work today, I was greeted by the new O At Home magazine waiting in the mailbox. Because it is a quarterly magazine, it is always a special treat when I get a new one.

A short feature in the magazine’s home accessories section caught my eye, because if you are like me, you haven’t really considered shopping at JCPenny for house wares. I was shocked to see these cute monogrammed table linens and bath sets at such fantastic prices! I am going to start taking a second look at JCP.com from here on out; its looks like a good place to buy useable items or gifts on a budget. There is also free shipping on orders of over $49 right now.

The standout are these 100% cotton, hemstitched, monogrammed napkins – 6 for $15. What a great shower gift or part of a gift basket!

Also, this Chris Madden Egyptian cotton 6-piece towel set is only $31.99 and can be monogrammed a dozen different ways!


Shannon said...

Thanks for sharing these great and affordable finds! Glad to know that "O" can be in touch with a realistic budget sometimes.

Liza said...

Love the monogrammed runner! I will definitely have to check them out!