Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back and On Track

Excuse the cheesy title, but I wanted to make up for singing the blues a few posts ago. I had the most wonderful Labor Day break in Florida with the Fam, and I feel more energized and positive from all the relaxation and fun!

I also received some great news over the weekend. My best friend, Darling, got engaged! I am so happy and thrilled for her, and she promises that she will try blogging again so maybe we can share more information that way! Flowers, dresses, invites! Wedding planning bliss…

I had a meeting with my boss this morning, and proving that she is nothing like Meryl Streep in one of my all-time favorite movies, my boss told me not to worry about the mistake I made last week. Thanks for all your encouraging comments!
Have a great day back!


Petunia said...

Happy to hear that you had a good vacation down here!! The weather has been perfectly lovely for August!

Liza said...

Glad to hear the meeting with your boss went ok. I hope you didn't let it ruin your weekend!!