Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cocktail Attire

My cousin's wedding is next weekend, and the invitation stated that the reception is "cocktail attire." Unfortunately, the dress I had planned on wearing isn't as, ahem, flattering as it once was. To be blunt, its too tight. hmm... This discovery comes at a bad time because D and I just made a pact to be a little more frugal in the coming months. I am not sure ordering a new dress would get us off on the right foot (though this little number from Nordstrom's Dress Shop is perfect! I love green!). Even the darling ones on sale at JCrew right now are a bit above the budget. Well, it is time to bring out the secret weapon...TJMaxx! I am headed there now, so keep your fingers crossed for me as I search for the perfect cocktail dress.

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