Friday, April 16, 2010

Weekend Project: An Organized Wardrobe

In the last month, I have become increasingly frustrated with the state of my wardrobe and closets. I have realized that I only wear about 25% of the clothes I own, and the other 75% are cluttering up my closets and drawers, making the clothes I actually wear hard to find and wrinkled. Basically, my closets, drawers, and, thus, my wardrobe are a “hot mess” right now!!

So this weekend is going to be dedicated to getting all of my clothes (shoes, belts, and scarves) organized and under control. I will also be making the local goodwill very happy!

To get inspired, I googled “famous closets” and here is what I found. Some of these closets made me smile, and some gave me a panic attack! See if you can guess which ones fit my definition of a "hot mess!"

Ah, Mariah, over the top and girly! This one made me laugh!!

Eva Longoria seemed to have quite a tasteful closet, and I love the dog!

Oh Paula, WHYYYY?!?! OMG, I had to take deep breaths and shred some papers just to get back to a good place after seeing this closet! (shredding papers calms me, don't ask me why. hee hee)

Yikes, Kimora! Yet again...WAY too much!! Donate 75% of that ASAP!

Finally, there is this famous closet! I have seen this closet 1000 times in Sex and the City, but for the first time I realized that it is pretty claustrophobic. I think I have finally reached the stage where I TRULY want less. I want to know exactly what I own and where to find it.

Have a great weekend and wish me luck!


Darling said...

Darling, I can't tell you how much I've been thinking the same thing. I'm just feeling so burdened by stuff these days and all I want is less! This coming from me, your bffae, a complete lover of things! Haha! Let's call each other this weekend to motivate! I want to sell everything I own on craigs list and buy one nice thing- like a Chanel bag!

Always Organizing said...

Good luck! We will be working on the same project as I am planning to work on my closet too!

Love the celeb closets, but Paula's makes me hyperventilate a little. Too much!

Northern Girl Southern Living said...

I've been trying to sort through my clothes so I won't be packing up that much to bring home come graduation, it's not an easy task but I think it will be worth it!

Solar Powered said...

Amen sister! My calendar says "CLOSET" for this weekend. I want staple items that I can wear all different ways.