Thursday, April 15, 2010

Energy Crisis

This morning was an intense one at work! I was a whirling dervish from the minute I walked in the building…making calls, sending emails, running back and forth to other offices. It was crazy, but then, by noon…crisis was averted and all was calm again. Now I am slumped over my desk, ready for a nap! Isn’t it funny how energy just ebbs and flows like that??

Rather than sleepwalk through the rest of the day, I grabbed a mug and strolled down to Starbucks for their special “Tax Day” giveaway. If you bring a reusable mug, you get it filled with free drip coffee (or in my case, decaf coffee...I would be up all night if I drank the real stuff!). Although I might have preferred a latte or a cap, this was free! I doctored by coffee with soy milk and splenda and I am a happy girl!!

I hope everyone has a great Thursday!

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Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

I wish I had one closer to my office, a nice iced coffee would hit the spot right now!