Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pain in the Neck

Yesterday, I stayed home from work and took a sick day. It was a strange day for me, because when I take sick days, there are usually two reasons: 1) I have a bad cold, flu, or some other malady; or 2) I need a “mental health” day (a.k.a.- I-am-feeling-so-overwhelmed-that-I-will-soon-be-sick-so-I-had-better-take-a-day-off-to-avoid-that scenario. My mother taught me at a young age that mental health days are valid if not used too often.)

But this time, I was home for a different reason. I hurt my neck somehow, and everything, even laying down was painful! I spent a strange day trying to get comfortable and wishing we had a TV on the ceiling.

I also made a few observations:

First, I am not sure I can watch the Real Housewives of New York City anymore. This used to be my favorite of the “Housewives” series, but the ladies are taking it to an all time low. Bethany and Jill feuding? Using speakerphone as a weapon? The crying, shrieking, fighting and jabbing…I turned off the TV feeling stressed out! D even remarked, “When are the housewives of New Jersey coming back??” Whoa.

Second, these are the best things ever invented!! There is only one reason I was able to get into work day, and it was the Bengay patch. However, D driving me to work didn’t hurt either.

Third, we have no good pillows in our home! Pillows are not something I think to spend much money on, but I am starting to rethink this position. After all, they are something you use every night. My doctor mentioned an orthopedic pillow like this one. Does anyone use pillows like this? Do they work?

Happy Tuesday!


New aGe said...

we have a memory foam pillow, we call it the "good pillow" we use to fight over it, then we wised up and got two! They make a HUGE difference, you spend 1/3 of your life in bed after all!

Ashley said...

Hope your neck feels better soon!

Sarah said...

Oh no! Hope your neck gets better!

I love mental health days, I take a couple of those throughout the year!!!

I have to say I was super excited about TRHNY but I'm already tired of listening to Luanne talk about her divorce! Although I'm looking forward to Bethany and her pregnancy, I think that's the only thing keeping me hanging on!!! : )

Darling said...

Darling, miss you so much and hope you are feeling better. As for RHONY, what is going on?! First OC was icky, and now NYC. I used to enjoy the show so much and I want to keep enjoying it but not with all this bitter snarkiness.


Northern Girl Southern Living said...

This season really is so crazy! I do love Bethany though haha. Hope your neck is feeling better!