Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Get Lost...in a Good Way!

I am really looking forward to the last season of Lost (first episode on tonight!). The fans have been promised that at long last "secrets will be revealed" and "mysteries will unravel." (cue the dramatic music, hehehe)

I was turned off by the violence in the last season; I ended up having my eyes closed for 50% of the episodes. So I didn't think I was going to care much about the final season. However, D has been watching DVDs of the previous seasons nonstop for the last month (he says "We have to get back into it!!"...huh?) But, his plan worked, and I have to say, my curiosity is back!

I need to know: What is the island? Who is Jacob? Is Richard wearing eyeliner? (exhibit A below)

Why won't Sawyer and Jack stop fighting over Kate?? (I just don't get the allure here. I have asked my husband and guy friends at work, and I never get a straight answer. They just mumble something about a "bad girl" and then get this far-away, puppy-dog look in their eyes. Again, huh??)

Anyway, I can't begrudge them, because there is a little "eye candy" for the ladies on the show.
When I see Sawyer and hear that Southern drawl, I have a feeling that I get that "puppy-dog" look in my eyes! Ahh, the quintessential bad boy....hee hee. I love you, D!
Happy Watching!


Lindsey said...

I never watch the show since I hate how they never solve problems, but if they conclude the questions I might have to watch this!

Jill said...

SO FUNNY...can you believe I have never watched it? I HAVE entertained the idea of doing a HUGE MARATHON of LOST so I can see what all the hubbub is about!

Tzoules said...

very nice =)

keep going on.

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Mags said...

I love the show too, and also became a bit wary of it last season. I haven't watched the new episode yet...hopefully I can get to it tonight.