Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Thoughts

The world is so full of a number of things,
I'm sure we should all be as happy as kings.

- by Robert Louis Stevenson, "Happy thought"

I thought a lot more about the blessings in my life this Thanksgiving than in years past. It just seemed that there was so much to be thankful for, and the evidence of these blessings was all around. I am so thankful for our new house that becomes more of a home each day, for my amazing family who came up early to help us with everything (cooking, cleaning, shopping, and electrical repair work!), for our neighbors, for our health, and even for little (big) Dundee.

Also, I feel so grateful for the small blessings in my life. For the things that bring a smile to my face, and around this time of year, there are so many of these “small blessings.”

1) The Yule Log on TV

I would like to shake the person’s hand who invented this! I love it so! This year, the Yule Log channel even plays holiday music and it is On Demand!

2) The “Leftovers” section of Now I know what to do with the extra 20 lbs of turkey and mashed potatoes we have! Turkey Tetrazzini and Potato Croquettes, anyone? What a help!

3) Holiday Candles – The house already smells like Christmas! I know I talk WAY too much about the Slatkin candles at Bath and Body Works, but the Perfect Christmas candles are pretty great. Also, this year my sister gave me a “Be Thankful” candle from Yankee candle that has a wonderful holiday scent! So good!
I hope you have a wonderful Monday back!


Solar Powered said...

Those are some good things to be thankful for. I was thinking about the little things too: diet coke, my camera, my cell phone :)

Darling said...

Hon, did you try to potato croquettes? Larry promised to make me some but hasn't! :(
Do you think the potatoes we made Saturday will still be good?!XO

terri said...

Oh, your writing makes my heart sing! :) I, too, am feeling very thankful and grateful! And you, my lil blogger friend, make my day happier when I read your posts!

terri said...

PS While I also really like the Slatkin candles, I am obsessed with Yankee Candles! I have one burning always -- hmmm!