Monday, April 13, 2009

Fabulous Drugstore Finds!

A topic on the news the other day was "unexpected" effects of the recession. Apparently, while most sales are down right now, the sales of romance novels are up 30%! They suspected the reason was, during slow economic times, people want to read things with happy endings.

I was thinking about it, and my "surprise effect" of this economy has been more drugstore beauty shopping. I love to treat myself to new lotions and potions, but lately I have felt guilty splurging at Sephora or Nordstroms. Also, it is so gratifying to walk into Target or CVS with $20 and walk out with a whole bag filled with fun, girly stuff!! There have been a few misses, but I have found a few products that are too good not to share!

This shampoo and conditioner line is the BEST! It is marketed for colored hair, but I think anyone would love it. I noticed a difference in my hair the first day I used it. Also, it smells so good and the fresh, herbal smell really stays in your hair so you might find yourself tossing your head around more just for the scent! hee hee

I don't love the packaging of this mascara, so I almost passed it up, but I would have been so sorry if I had! It is wonderful! I don't think I will ever use department store mascara again.

I actually haven't tried this yet, but I love Burt's Bees! Doesn't this look so refreshing for summer? Trying this will be next on my list....
Have a wonderful day!


Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

Great finds! I love the Lash Blast mascara, it's wonderful!

Elizabeth said...

I cannot wait to try the shampoo & conditioner - thanks for sharing! Lash Blast (the new red tube) is my FAVORITE. I started using the orange tube a year ago and haven't thought twice about department store mascara.

AEG said...

Hands down BEST MASCARA EVER! I use to use Lancome. Not anymore!!

Petunia said...

I think I will try that shampoo/conditioner!!