Monday, March 16, 2009

I Heart Hockey!

D and I had the most fun at the Capitals Hockey game on Saturday night!! I really think that inside of me is a hockey fan waiting to come out! Anyone who knows me and reads this blog is probably thinking, "Happy, are you crazy??" because I hate violence and I'm not really a huge sports fanatic.

However, watching the game live was mesmorizing!! Those hockey players are really amazing. I am not sure they would appreciate the comparison, but watching them was almost like watching dancers; they are so graceful and fluid on the ice.

The Caps won but they went into sudden death overtime and then had a shootout! It was just like at the end of Mighty Ducks, the movie! (except no Emilio Estevez with slicked back hair! hee hee)


EmilyB said...

Hey there -- I'm so glad you had fun at the game!! People tend to like hockey once they've seen it in's fast-paced, and there's a lot of hitting (a lot like football!). My fiance actually works for the I end up going to tons of the games (though I wasn't there this Sat.) My fingers are crossed that they'll do well in the playoffs this year!!!

Milltini said...

I love Hockey! I never watched until my significant other came along *his name is D too! and is a HUGE hockey fan. Now, we watch it all the time and I definitely love it.

BLC :o said...

Hey girly! I know from your comment you missed the LP show on Martha (gasp... my heart flopped for you). The good news: its posted and available for viewing online!!! Woohooo. The link is posted under the PS on the MARTHA! entry. Enjoy!! Xoxo-BLC

Solar Powered said...

I went to the Dallas Stars game on Saturday night and like you, I really liked it! It could be addictive.