Thursday, January 22, 2009

Old Navy to the Rescue!

**Update** I just got an email from Old Navy. For the next three days, enter "SPRING" in the promo code box, and get 30% off New Arrivals (the trench, sweaters and jeans are all new arrivals). Happy Shopping!**

I think everyone's New Year's resolutions included something about saving money, spending less, or a financial goal to that end...and I fully intend to do my best....BUT right about this time of year, I feel like I am tired of my dull winter clothes and craving something fun. This is why I am so grateful for companies like Old Navy. No one wants to spend a fortune right now (ahem, Jcrew!), but a fun sweater or accessory is just the thing to get me through the winter.

I love these sweaters, and they are only $25!

I love this pink trench, but at $45, I might wait.

This headband also comes in pink. I have one like this from Jcrew, and I paid a lot more than $4.50 for it! It seriously has saved me from some bad hair days, so at this price I might stock up!!

These wide leg jeans are part of their new "nautical looks," and I love them for spring. These might be my reward if I stick to some of my other New Years resolutions!


Blue-Eyed Bride said...

i LOVE those sweaters!!!!

Megan said...

Love your picks! Everyone needs some new clothes & accessories..even with their financial goals!

Legallyblondemel said...

The trench and the jeans must be mine. Great finds.

Clare said...

Those sweaters are my favorite.!! I too got a beautiful sweater from Old Navy.