Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hibernating in the Snow

Yesterday D and I took a marathon cross country skiing trip in Teton National Park. I had a brilliant idea of getting off of the groomed trail to explore more of the untouched parts of the park. At first, it was a lot of fun, and we enjoyed examining various animal tracks in the snow. However, during our trip (without going into graphic detail), we saw some evidence that confirmed that we were truly out in the wilderness complete with wild animals, and that is when I started to get a little freaked out! D, having hunted before, wasn't too scared, but I started imagining bears and mountain lions wandering out of the trees, and before I knew it, I was moving at a lightening-fast speed back to the trail and then to the car! I didn't know that I could even move that fast on skis; D was amazed!! Needless to say, I am now a little tired and sore.

We took our skis back to the rental place last night, and I am now committed to hibernating. It is a jungle out to stay indoors! Here are my "happy hibernating" essentials:
1) My Uggs! For my birthday, my family gave me a surprise gift of Uggs, and I had no idea how much I would love them! Wearing them is instant happiness! They have not left my feet since we got here!! (that is a photo of my "happy feet" in front of the fireplace!)

2) Something hot to drink! Right now its coffee, maybe later I will splurge and have a hot chocolate.

3) Good Mags! I have stocked up and even brought back issues of Vanity Fair magazines! (It can be hard to get through that whole magazine in my daily life!)

Have a wonderful day! I encourage everyone to do some "happy hibernating" tonight!


Elizabeth said...

Sounds wonderful! I am so jealous!

Sarah said...

That looks like the perfect way to spend a winter afternoon!!!