Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Champagne Birthday

This year was my “champagne birthday.” I turned 29 on December 29th! And wouldn’t you know it; I was drinking plenty of champagne on my birthday! Ha ha

I am not sure what these birthdays mean, but I am determined to make 2009 (and being 29!) the best year I can! In the spirit of the New Year and my birthday, I have made a few goals.

First, this year, I would like to be infinitely healthier. I want to cut WAY back on the sugar, alcohol, red meat and fried foods. I don’t want to cut out things, but ultimately I know I would be a lot healthier if I made unhealthy choices the exception, instead of the rule! I am going to make my health a priority in 2009, and think I will see positive benefits in all other areas of my life.

Second, D and I want to save more money this year, so I am trying to cook more dinners at home and be more fiscally responsible overall. I think we can do it!

Third, I want to get more involved with our community. When D and I first came to this area, we thought it was going to be temporary. I pictured us moving to another city or town within a few years. However, we both like our jobs, so we might be living here longer than expected. Therefore, it is time to make more friends, join more groups and generally accept the fact that this is now our community. I am thinking more about the Junior League…

These are my 2009 goals and I hope I can stick to them!

Have a great day!


Mrs. Cup said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Those are great goals!

Becky said...

Fabulous goals, several of which I'm sharing! I cooked a taco casserole last night and it was infinitely better than the takeout we'd had the two nights previous, and so much cheaper, since we had leftovers for lunch today, too. I'm trying to find simple, yummy recipes that aren't loaded with fat and calories, and it's a bit of a challenge! If you find good recipes like this, be sure to post them. I enjoy your blog!

magnoliabelle said...

Happy belated birthday! I wish you the best in your goals for this year!

Always Organizing said...

Happy Belated Birthday!