Sunday, November 30, 2008

Things I Am Loving Right Now

In honor of "Cyber Monday," I thought I would share a few things I am loving right now! And, they are all under $20!

1) Prescriptives Tint Balm in Sunset. This color is so wonderful! I don't know how to explain it except it is not too pink, not too coral, not too red, not too sparkly or is just perfect! And for some reason, I feel like I look tanner when I wear it! Also, it stays put and smells good!
2) I was looking for a very mild cleanser at the bequest of my dermatologist. You would actually be surprised at how hard it is to find something that is not anti-aging, anti-acne, or claiming to do something other than clean your skin. This cleanser by Boots is just that...a cleanser that leaves your skin fresh and clean, sans makeup. I am loving it!

3) I got some samples of this Novus tea and started realizing that it is uncommonly good. I looked it up online and realized that this brand is known to be "the champagne of teas." Hmm..when I saw the price ($9 for 15 tea bags), I realized it was a little steep for me (no pun intended), but it is really the most amazing tea I have ever had. Even the smell of it is amazing! A box of this would really spoil a tea-lover in your life!

Have a wonderful day!


Mrs. Cup said...

I think I've got to try that tea!

Solar Powered said...

we love to try new teas at my work...sounds like a great gift. thanks! and thanks for the mild cleanser - everything irritates my skin.

The Mrs. said...

Gonna have to try these! Thanks for being our beauty editor!

Northern Girl Southern Living said...

I love tea and that looks so good, thanks for the suggestion :)

Andrea said...

Have you tried the No. 7 foundation from Target? It's pretty great for only $15 or so.

Visit my blog to learn about my Pay It Forward :)

Anonymous said...

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