Friday, October 17, 2008

I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty

This month's O Magazine had a very interesting article from my favorite doctor, Dr. Oz, on beauty. Dr. Oz, the health guru, made a great case for how beauty is strongly linked to health, and being and feeling healthy and beautiful inside and out isn't a vain or selfish goal; it is important! I have yet to buy one of his "Owner's Manual" books, but this might be the one I will buy.

There was a quiz that I took in the magazine and you can take online to determine how you perceive yourself regarding health and beauty. It was really eye-opening for me. It turns out that I don't run from the mirror or anything like that, but I don't feel as healthy as I could, which is a big part of feeling beautiful. Dr. Oz suggests some "tools" for achieving your goals too. So it starts today!!
This morning I went to see the dentist (who I have been avoiding like the plague) and I have set up a few more doctors appointments as well (AND an appointment for highlights and a haircut. Hey, it is beauty inside and out, right? hee hee).

I hope everyone has a wonderful and beautiful weekend!


Milltini said...

Your post has inspired me to set up doctors appointments (especially the dentist) which I have been avoiding for months. Love your blog. Thanks for the motivation.

Solar Powered said...

I just made the comment 5 minutes ago to my mom that I need some upkeep right now - hair, nails, diet, doctor - yep, thanks for the post. I'm with you.