Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Customize Me

While I was in New York, I finally was able to scratch something off of my “beauty bucket list.” Much like a life bucket list, there are many “beauty-related” experiences I want to have before I die. For example, purchase a jar of Crème de la Mer, wear a Pucci scarf around my head a la Jackie O, find a “signature scent” that captivates everyone, AND….indulge in customized make-up!

Several beauty blogs have been buzzing about Prescriptives Custom foundation and tinted moisturizer for awhile, and in particular, one make-up artist and blender extraordinaire at Bloomingdales, Jason. Jason helped me pick out make-up for my wedding when he was at Bergdorf, and everything he suggested was wonderful! Now, a year later, I am scraping the bottom of those jars and palettes, and I was ready to try a custom blend.

It is truly amazing! Not only do they customize the foundation color to your skin tone, they customize the formulation, coverage, and can add things like “radiance” or “candlelight” which literally makes your skin glow as if you are being lit from within! I just needed something for everyday, so Jason mixed me up a light-medium coverage foundation with just a touch of radiance. I have been wearing it for several weeks, and I love it! I have abandoned all of my other foundations and tinted moisturizers, most of which I now realize were too yellow or pale. I have gone customized, and I can’t go back!


Muffy said...

Congrats! Btw, I have a pucci scarf and it never looks "right"! BOO! I wanted to be like Jackie!!!

SouthernAccent said...

Wow - I need to try this. I can never find a foundation I truly love, but keep trying all different ones. This will definitely be the next kind I try!