Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my father's birthday, and I am so sad not to be with him to give him a huge hug and kiss.

I know I am biased, but I truly have the best dad in the world. My father grew up in a house full of brothers and went to an all-boys school growing up. He was a great athlete, and I seemed to be born without an athletic bone in my body. A lesser man might not have known what to do with a "girly-girl" daugher like me, but not my father. Whatever I was interested in growing up, my dad was there. He was the Girl Scout cookie captain of my brownie troup, the "room father" in grade school, and the only father to sit through every dance recital rehearsal. My dad was even the one to pick my wedding veil!

Ok, I have to end this post before I get emotional. I love you, dad! Thank you for showing me how to live my life with 10 times the enthusiasm, buying me my first Hersey bar, and always being there for me. Have a great day!

Also, if you guys haven't seen this commercial from Visa, get out the hankie. I started crying the first time I saw it. I feel so much gratitude for all the people who have supported me through the good times and bad.


Amanda. said...

Happy birthday to your
dad! You're allowed to
be bias when it comes to
dad's I think...

And love that commercial!

Ann said...

Oh Sissy! I love you! Dad is the most amazing! :) We are very lucky to have him! Your post made me cry!

Muffy said...

This is so special! I hope your dad has a very special one!

Vineyard Vogue said...

Aww the commercial made me tear up. Dad's truly are special!

Etiquettely Correct said...

that was so sweet - I hope your dad has a great day!