Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wedding Gift Weekend

This Saturday, D and I had a "date night" to dinner at Ruth Chris steakhouse. We had gotten a gift certificate as a wedding gift, and given that our one-year anniversary is getting close, we figured it was time to use it! The food and service were amazing, as expected, and it was so much fun to get dressed up and have a long, romantic meal together (the restaurant also had lovely views of the city!). I am so grateful to our friends for giving us that gift!

It got me thinking about wedding gifts. Although everyone loves the stuff on their registry, a restaurant gift certificate is a fun idea for a newly married couple. Most newlyweds are not apt to splurge very often given all the other financial stuff that comes up in the first few years, so a gift card to their favorate restaurant forces them to take time out and enjoy. We enjoyed our night out so much, I might start making a restaurant gift card one of my regular wedding/anniversary/birthday gifts to give!


Muffy said...

OOOOOOOH! I love Ruth Chris! Hope you had a blast!

Etiquettely Correct said...

Thats funny you posted this because I was just telling my Fiance how I think that would be a nice gift!