Sunday, July 13, 2008

My 20 Questions!

Hello! Here are some fun facts about me. I am really looking forward to the swap!


What is your favorite color(s)? blue (aqua/Tiffany blue/all shades!), green, and watermelon (pink, rose, coral, any "happy colors")

“Shabby chic” vs. “straight, clean lines” – what’s more you? straight, clean lines

Where’s your favorite vacation destination (you have to have been there before)? The Florida Keys or Jackson Hole, WYO.

Pick ONE: shoes, clothes, purses. purses, or as I call them, "my bags"

Describe yourself in three (3) words. easy-going, positive, fun-loving

Music (personally, I think you can learn a lot about a person based on their feelings about music):

Favorite song of all time? Wow, this is tough. Maybe, "Moon River" from Breakfast at Tiffany's or "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

What is one song you secretly really like that no one would believe you if you told them? "Wanna Be My Lover" by the Spice Girls. haha, however, people would probably believe it!

What would you consider the “theme song” of your life? "I Am The Walrus", I'm joking! Probably "Blessed" by Brett Dennon (if you haven't downloaded it, do it! I gets me into a good mood every time)

If you could see any concert – what would it be? I would love to see U2 live

Name the radio station most commonly playing in your car. What’s the genre? I metro everywhere, so I listen to my IPod, most of the music I listen to is fast, "dance" or "workout" songs to pump me up!

What is your favorite holiday? Easter and Christmas

What food item is your holiday not complete without? Ham! Love it!

What’s your favorite holiday memory? Probably, having an annual "Mother-Daughter Caroling Party" as a kid. We would get all dressed up and invite all our friends and their moms to sing to the neighbors. Looking back, I am sure it was pretty cheesy, but we loved it! The dads and brothers would hang back at the house and make cocoa for us when we returned.

Is there a holiday tradition that you cherish? If so, what is it? Having a Christmas tree. I can't put it up early enough. I love the sight and smell of it!

Lights: colored or white? Definitely, colored lights!

Deep Thoughts

If you could get advice from any woman (dead or alive), who would it be? I get most of my advice from my mother and sister. I can't imagine ever recieving better advice from anyone.

Name three (3) “simple pleasures” in your life. Bubble baths, a crisp glass of white wine, a good book

What is your dream job – be honest! A florist or maybe have my own bake/fruit/flower shop

If you could play any character on TV or in the movies, which one would you pick? Kate Hudson, in "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" or Pam on The Office because it would be a fun set to be on!

What car would you most like to be the "spokes model" for? I have no idea, I could be the spokesmodel for needing a GPS in my car! I get lost all the time!!

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