Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Good Book Review

I just finished another good summer read. About a year ago, I read C.A. Belmond’s book, “A Rather Lovely Inheritance” and thought it was a fun book. The author recently came out with a sequel, "A Rather Curious Engagement" that picks right up with the main characters and is just as enjoyable. I would describe these books as “escapist” novels, because the characters are always jetting off to places like London, the French Rivera, and Lake Como, and staying at wonderful villas, resorts, and even castles, while dining on decadent food and meeting intriguing people. There is some romance and adventure to the stories, but even that is quite civilized. I found reading these books to be a great way to forget my worries and just relax!

The only problem is that you might become too relaxed while reading. Last week, I got home from a long day and decided I needed a bath and a little reading to unwind. Thirty minutes later, D found me in the bedroom, snuggled up in my bathrobe with an open book beside me, snoozing peacefully at 9:00 pm!

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Muffy said...

OOH! I'll have to pick this up! Sounds SWELL!