Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Charmed Life

When we were in Connecticut recently, I kept popping into the local jewelry shops and I definitely noted that there was one unique item in each shop that I don’t see often in D.C….the classic, silver charm bracelet.

I was struck by all the different, intricate charms, and how you could collect different ones for all of the memorable events and places in your life. The bracelets seem like a great mix of old fashioned romance and yet still modern and unique too. Just as D and I were about to buy one, I got cold feet and we walked out. However, I am seriously considering getting one like the one above from Blue Nile or one like it (also I think the lobster would be my first charm!). What do you think?


Lauren said...

I think charm bracelets are cute.

Amanda. said...

VERY excited about
you being my swap

And I just adore that

AEG said...

hey monogram twin, thanks for stopping by my site. I LOVE charm bracelets! I wear my mom's old one, it's so fun and such a neat convresation piece.

Always Organizing said...

Love it!!!

Muffy said...

AWWWW! I LOOOVE the bracelet! The lobster charm is DARLING!!!!