Tuesday, April 27, 2010

On The Way To Work...

I rode into work with D today. As we sat in gridlock traffic on the way into the city, out of nowhere D said: “Let’s go to Hilton Head a week early!”

I replied, “Let’s go right now! Start driving, and we can buy clothes on the way!”

Him: “There is actually an outlet mall just north of Hilton Head!”

Me: “Perfect.”

And then he dropped me off at the metro and proceeded to drive to work. Wah wah. The end.

But can you tell we are SO excited for vacation?? I can not wait!! I keep buying little things for the beach which makes me even more excited!

Of course, I had to shop for beach reads while at Costco last week! Because I spend my days reading the most boring information on the planet (a work requirement), my reading on the beach has to be light and fun!

I hope this one is good!


Solar Powered said...

it is going to be paradise. have a wonderful trip.

rebekka said...

Ok, that looks like a perfect "pool book." Now if the pool would just OPEN ALREADY!!!

Darling said...

Darling I am SO excited for you! Are you still here? Or do you leave next week? I want to chat!!!!

Shannon said...

Oh! I love hilton head...and the outlets near there...AND Sophie Kinsella. Let me know how Twenties Girl is. Any by the way, how did your spring closet cleaning go?