Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weekend Cooking

Why is cooking and baking so much more fun on the weekend? During the week, making dinners feels like a chore, but everything changes after Friday! I have messed up the kitchen and cleaned it again about 50 times over this weekend, and I don't care at all!

I am on a new eating plan to try to help with a chronic condition I have been dealing with. It is nothing too serious, but I want to feel the best I can all the time, so I am starting to be a lot more proactive. Anyway, part of what I am doing is eating gluten free, dairy free, and sugar free for 6 weeks to see if I start feeling better. Last week was week one, and it wasn't too bad...just a little strange to be without my wine and chocolate.

This weekend I really wanted to make a recipe from my new cookbook (Pioneer Woman), and (as expected) there is not much that fits into my new eating plan. I looked sadly through the photos of the amazing-looking pasta dishes, chocolate cake, fried chicken...and then, I found it!! The one thing I could make...Pico de Gallo!!
I went out and got some lovely plum tomatoes and all the other stuff and spent a fun time chopping everything up. It is actually great weekend food, because when else do you have the time to do this much chopping?
It was actually fun to make, and it tasted soooo good with blue corn chips (GF)! I have never even seen D eat salsa, and he has been gobbling it up all weekend! It is fresh and tangy, perfect to make and still stick to New Year's resolutions. This recipe is definitely a keeper and if you make it, it won't last long, I promise!
I hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Jill said...

The Pico sounds so good. I love cooking on the weekend too, especially when it's cold outside.

Jill said...

I tagged you on my blog this morning. Happy Monday!

nanny said...

I love that one too!!! Hope you are feeling better....that is a strict diet...not much too choose from!

Northern Girl Southern Living said...

I agree, the preparation of chopping everything up is so time consuming! Glad it came out well :)