Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sunny Skies Again

I have been lurking around in Blogland for awhile. I have been reading all my favorite blogs and loving them, but I just haven’t wanted to write much…strange. Does this happen to you?

Anyway, after a fierce battle with a cold, being cold, yucky work stuff, and other moderately stressful topics, I have emerged victorious!! Right now I am gazing up at blue skies, and D.C. has enjoyed some warmer temperatures in the last week. Bliss.

Here are a few things I have been enjoying this past week (besides warmer weather…I can’t say enough about that!)

The Golden Globes!
I now have a list of about 23 films to see. Up in the Air, the Blind Side, An Education, Avatar, the list goes on…

My sister and I watched the Golden Globes together, and it was so much fun!

My “I’m Not a Paper Cup” Cup

I received so many wonderful Christmas and birthday gifts, and I loved them all! This ceramic cup that my sister gave me is my new best friend. It keeps me company while I work, and also keeps my herbal tea hot. I don’t feel jealous of my coworkers and their Starbucks cups anymore….I have my own cup! Hehehe

My new Screen Saver

The Pioneer Woman put up Hi Res photographs on her website which can be downloaded to use as a screen saver. This screen saver makes me feel warm, relaxed, and energized all at once. It sounds impossible, but changing your screensaver can change your world!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday!


~Mrs. Guru~ said...

I have always wondered if that cup really keeps stuff warm.

Solar Powered said...

totally understand the lack of blog motivation. it happens sometimes and you just need a break. glad to have you back and glad you are feeling better!

Petunia said...

Yep--sometimes I just don't feel like writing...but I keep reading!
Hope you have a great weekend!!

Jan said...

I received that cup for Christmas too and love it! Isn't it just the best?

Maureen said...

I loved The Blindside. Fabulous movie... hope you like it too!