Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy Entertainment

A few days ago, yet another good friend mentioned to me how great the TV show, “Modern Family” is! Her command… “Just watch it!!” So yesterday after work, I logged onto Hulu, and I was hooked!! It is hilarious! I already love all the quirky characters, and it is the perfect blend of funny and, at times, touching.

I am seriously glad I started watching. So many people had told me how good this show was, but for some reason the promos didn’t appeal to me much. If anyone is reading this, “just watch it!” hee hee

Also, while we were on vacation, D had his nose buried in a thick book. Since he is not a big reader, I was finally like, “Okay, I am reading that after you!” The book? The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. I know, I know…I hardly need to tell anyone that Dan Brown writes a good book. However, I was never a huge fan of the Da Vinci Code and all that, but this book is seriously a page turner! I found myself staying up late at night to read it, and I love to sleep!

What has been entertaining you lately?


Solar Powered said...

I love Modern Family, just finished last night's episode...too funny. I want to have Lilly and her two dads over for dinner :)

Thanks for the book recommendation, I wouldn't have picked it otherwise.

Lindsey said...

Thanks for the review, I'll watch this!=)

The Mrs. said...

I haven't watched yet! Will though. I am loving:
Glee, Fast Forward, Real Housewives, Top Chef, So you think you can dance and Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders making the team!

Maureen said...

Love Modern Family. I miss good sitcoms, so I am giving the whole Weds. night ABC line-up a try. I also love the Real Housewives and Mad Men. Need to get a good book.....