Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Short Week

It was so nice to have a long weekend! I enjoyed every minute of Labor Day weekend despite a nasty, lingering cold. Yuck! My sister came to visit and we relaxed and got some things done around the house. We rented the movie “I Love You, Man” which I hadn’t seen, and it was quite funny and had some cute parts. I love Paul Rudd!

However, after a long, fun weekend, I always get the Sunday Night Blues (or, in this case, the “Monday Night Blues”), and last night was no exception. However, I might have figured out a way to beat them…Last night, just as I was wallowing in misery, one of my friends and I decided to drive out to Maryland to an old hole-in-the-wall crab house. We sat on the water, drank beers and picked crabs! It was so delish and fun!! I think shaking up the routine on a Sunday (or Monday) night is always a good idea!

If you are ever in MD and want to go to an authentic crab house, Capt Billy’s Crab House is the place to go! It was a bit of a drive, but totally worth it!

Also, the best thing about a long weekend is the short work-week that follows!!

Have a happy Tuesday, ya’ll!


Solar Powered said...

My husband's family is from Maryland and just visited that crab house this summer. We missed the trip cause I was 8 months pregnant...hopefully next time!

Sarah said...

I get the same thing, it's the worst feeling when the weekend is over : < but going to dinner with a friend sounds like the perfect solution!! Glad you had a great labor day!!! : >