Monday, July 20, 2009

Packing Survival Guide

I know it is cliché to say, but this weekend was WAY too short. The weather was great, D and I were very productive, but it was not a relaxing, restful weekend is Monday, and I am ready for the weekend! hee hee

The biggest thing we did was start packing up the apartment! In some ways, doing a cross town move is harder than a long distance move because we are convinced we can move our stuff in “phases.” We are going to move a lot of boxes and furniture into the basement of the house next weekend after closing (phase 1), then move more stuff over once the floors are done (phase 2), then move the rest of the stuff and ourselves over when the floors and the kitchen are completely done and the contractor is out (phase 3). Crazy right??

So this weekend, the packing began, and I instantly remembered that packing is not fun. However, there are a few things that helped us along, so I thought I would share.

Here is my official "packing survival guide":

1. Go on a “packing supply scavenger hunt” before starting.

It is no fun to get into the groove of packing and then realize you are out of tape and boxes and newspapers (all of which we ran out of yesterday.)

2. Find a liquor store next to a grocery store and you have found boxes!

Strange statement I know, BUT in my opinion, banana boxes and liquor boxes are the best for packing. They are sturdy and the perfect size for books, china and beauty products. Also, you may just decide to buy some Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka at the liquor store, you know, just to make the store owners happy!

3. Put on some music or HGTV in the background.

Everyone on HGTV is so productive that it makes me feel like I am working right along side them!

4. Take your time.

These are your precious things so pack and label carefully.

5. Do not try to cook after a day of packing.

That is why god invented Five Guys!

Happy Monday!


Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

Ugh, mvoing is the worst no matter how far or short the distance. I agree that the liquor store has the best boxes, perfect size and sturdy. We used our moving boxes for storage in the basement and it looks like we drink A LOT because of the multiple liquor boxes everywhere!

Anonymous said...

Having moved twice in the past year, I agree with your guide. The liquor store really is the best place to find boxes. It is always stressful, but man unpacking that last box is like winning the Olympics... or well, what I imagine winning the Olympics would feel like.

Have a good week.