Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Mixed Bag at Forever 21

After reading a few blogs that mentioned some really cute finds, I decided to take a gander at a store that I was convinced I had pretty much outgrown…Forever 21. The name says it all!

I have been having a sneaking suspicion that people at work think I am wearing the same clothes everyday, because every work outfit I have is so similar. I feel like I have a work uniform that consists of: 1) a cable knit top, 2) a pencil skirt or khakis, and 3) black, brown or navy driving loafers…yes the colors change, but not much else. I am definitely in a rut…not good.
At times like these I would love to go on a shopping spree, but buying a house has seriously increased my guilt on splurging on anything! Therefore, back to Forever21…

I got this blouse for less than $20 and wore it with a slim skirt and peep toe pumps. I got several compliments throughout the day from coworkers, which further confirmed my suspicion that even they were getting tired of my ensembles! Hee hee

I also got this cute headband for less than $4!
I ordered a few other things as well, and I have one word of advice. Never forget that this store is for teens, so skirts and dresses are super short and sizes are small. I ordered a dress and was seriously mistaken about how it would fit! When I went to return the dress to the Forever 21 store at the mall, the store was crowded with squealing tweens on summer break with loud music blaring. Another woman in her 20s came up to me, and we both laughed about being the oldest ones in the store!

I am keeping Forever21.com in my online favorites though. Perfect for getting you out of a rut on a dime!


~Mrs. Guru~ said...

I love Forever 21!

Kate said...

Forever 21 is hit or miss for me. I think you can find some good pieces but you have to dig through the racks!

Barefoot in the Park said...

oh i feel the same way ... i think i'm too tall for most everything except for accessories!

Kristen said...

Anytime I ask someone about where they bought such a cute outfit, the response it F21. I think the store is filled with such an assortment that it overwhelms me. I haven't bought anything yet, but you can't complain about the prices.