Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Local Discovery

Oh my goodness! Why is it that every time I make a resolution to eat healthy and lose a little weight, I instantly discover something delicious that I can’t live without!?!

Yesterday, after eating well all day and working out at the gym, I found the most amazing cookies sitting in our office kitchen. Someone was kind enough to share Bergers “chocolate crème” cookies, and I instantly knew I was in trouble!

I am almost never tempted by store-bought cookies, but these are pretty special. The taste is like a mini black-and-white cookie from New York, but rather than having to endure the white frosting, Bergers cookies get right to the good stuff and are drenched in chocolate fudge. Oh my goodness!! You can read about the whole history of the cookie here; they are truly a local cult favorite that started in Baltimore around the turn of the century. If I have to drive all the way to Baltimore to get more of these cookies, I might have to!!

What are some of your local favorites?


Lindsey said...

These sound amazing and I want some right now!;)

Nicole-Lynn said...

Those cookies look awesome!

Thanks for the sweet comment! I am now a follower of your blog :)

Solar Powered said...

Yum! I came across some Strawberry Cream Cheese cookies from a local bakery that I still dream about.

BLC :o said...

Mmm ... anything sweet and I am sucker! Xoxo-BLC