Sunday, February 22, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Well, I have been able to accomplish a few of my goals this weekend; one being giving my closet a good clean. I have put together a huge bag of clothes to take to goodwill. I got pretty ruthless in my cleaning...I used the "one year" rule of thumb; if I haven't worn it in one year, it needs to go! However, there were a few items that I was unsure about where to take.

For example, I had a few suits that were almost new, but no longer fit. Then, last night, I was watching the Style network, and saw this. Dress for Success, the organization that provides business suits for women to help in the pursuit of getting a job has partnered with DressBarn.

"Dressbarn, one of America’s premier specialty retailers of women’s career and casual fashions, continues it’s fourth year as the national drop-off site and title sponsor for S.O.S. Week. Women should bring their donation of a new or nearly new suit to one of over 800 dressbarn stores during the week of March 19-25. To find a dressbarn store in your area, visit"

There is a Dress Barn a few metro stops from my work, so I am excited to take my suit there!
I started to think about how, in this economy, there are probably more women looking for jobs who can't afford the extra expense of a suit for an interview.

Then, I realized that I have a lot of formal dresses that I have only worn on one occasion, but sadly, no longer fit me. I found this organization, Becca's Closet, that provides Prom Dresses to high school girls who can't afford them. Also, I wasn't sure if my dresses would be what teenagers would want to wear, so they have a helpful, "What's Hot and What's Not" section! When I was in high school, my parents helped me buy a dress for Prom, but there are probably many parents and teenagers who can't afford that luxury these days.

I also found this great article from Real Simple about other organizations to donate clothes and accessories to. Happy Cleaning!

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~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Awe, such a great thing you are doing!