Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Fritz

It was a super quick trip to Atlanta, but I am happy to be home again and starting the weekend. I was so excited about my first stay at a Ritz Carlton and aspects of the hotel were lovely. I LOVED the Bulgari bath products and took some of your advice and got extra bath gels!! We also went to the bar at the Ritz, the Atlanta Grill, and I had a lovely bowl of she-crab soup and a glass of wine. I think going there in the spring or summer would be wonderful, because they have a great open-air veranda at the restaurant.

However, something happened that made the Ritz experience not everything I hoped. During the night, my neighbors in the room next door continually blared music, slammed doors, and seemed to be hosting a party in their room (to such an extent that housekeeping was needed to come clean at 1:00 in the morning which I didn’t quite understand!). Fast forward to 3:30 am; music still blaring, doors slamming and I had called down to the front desk three times pleading that I had meetings all the next day and really needed some sleep. By 4 am, it became clear that things were not going to settle down and the neighbors didn’t want the party to end, so after a shouting match, the Ritz security escorted them out of the room. I felt bad that they got kicked out, but I felt even worse when I saw myself in the mirror after my 6:30 wake up call. I looked like a goblin after my sleepless night!!

The hotel clearly felt bad about the incident because in the morning there were two notes under my door apologizing, the hotel comped my room, and in the morning the staff insisted on buying me breakfast and coffee (which I desperately needed). I am so sorry to not have a happy tale to share about the Ritz, but I think what happened was a total anomaly. I am sure my next stay at a Ritz will be much more enjoyable, and in the meantime, I will enjoy my Bulgari bath products at home!

Have a good day!


Petunia said...

That is just awful! I am so glad they did the right thing and comped your room. Sorry you had less than a perfect RC experience!
When we stayed at the Ritz over Valentine's hubby loved the shower gel and shampoo so much that they gave us a bunch of extra to bring home. :)

The Mrs. said...

That is terrible. I am so glad they comped your room though!