Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Back from Cali

I arrived back to the east coast yesterday evening, and I am feeling the teensiest bit jet-lagged today. Coming back to the office is always hard after a trip, even a business one, and it is on mornings like these that I am grateful for Starbucks. (sidenote: Should I consider it a wake up call when the folks at my local Starbucks greet me by drink, “Hi, grande skim latte!” and notice when I’ve been gone? Hmm…)

This is a great week to be back because it is DC Restaurant Week! I have talked about this before because I love that more and more cities and towns are doing versions of restaurant week. It is a great way to try new restaurants or eat at some of the fancier places in town without breaking the bank! Tonight I am having dinner with some work friends and on Thursday, D and I are going to eat at a Washington D.C. institution and D’s favorite steakhouse, The Prime Rib!

Have a great day!


Mrs. Smith said...

Ooooh I miss DC's restaurant week so much! Have such a great time!

La vie est belle! said...

I just "stumbledupon" your blog. I love the DC area! I ate at the cutest and delicious little Italian restaurant while there. If only I had remembered the title.