Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy, a Golfer?

The other night, D turned to me and nonchalantly said, “I ordered your golf clubs today.” This statement took me by surprise for several reasons. One, I have never been golfing in my life. Two, I don’t recall ever asking for golf clubs. Three, I know that golf clubs are pretty expensive, and D and I are trying to be more frugal in the new year. So I was totally flummoxed by this nonchalant statement. Hmm…

To make a long story short, a few weeks ago, I had mildly complained to D that I wished we had more activities to do together. I think I distractedly even said, “Maybe I’ll take up golf…” but that was the last I had thought of it!

I should know by now that D (and I have been told other hubbys are like this too!) has a unique view of the world….He thinks that the majority of problems have a tangible solution. For example, if I have a headache, D brings me an aspirin and a glass of water; if I am having problems at work, D suggests I update my resume; if I suggest we spend more time together, D apparently orders me some golf clubs! Hee hee, it is kind of cute in a way.

Also, D ordered me a pink golf bag, so that really sweetens the deal. I am not sure how great a golfer I will be, but I do love a sport where you can wear a skirt!

Have a great day!


elle said...

My husband is like this too - sometimes I just want to complain - I am not asking for solutions. Anyway, golfing is fun and the clothes are adorable. Have fun.

Always Organizing said...

Cute gift! Have fun :)

Elizabeth said...

I started golfing with my hubby not that long ago and love it. Hear me - I am NOT good but it is a lot of fun and great way to spend quality time together. That is so cute that he surprised you with a set of clubs. :)