Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Finds

I am trying to overcome a serious “case of the Mondays” right now by focusing on some of my latest and greatest finds!

1) The Drawer Divider! – I know that these are not very aesthetic, but these drawer dividers have changed my life! My lingerie drawer is now a work of art—everything sorted and folded or laid out in place. It is like visiting Victoria’s Secret every time I select my undergarments! (I almost took a picture to show everyone, but then decided that no one was that interested in seeing my underwear!). If you are looking for something to spend that 20% Bed, Bath and Beyond coupon on, this is it!
2) Method Natural Hand Soap – My BFF turned me onto this and I love it! This little Chanel-esque cube looks so lovely in my bathroom. Also, the white tea fragrance is very nice, and the soap doesn’t dry out my hands. This is important because winter seems to turn my hands in reptile claws, not very attractive at all!

3) Food Network Supplies – Over the weekend I visited a Kohl’s, and I am SO lucky I don’t have one where we live. Everything in the entire store seemed to be on sale, including all of the Food Network cooking, baking and serving pieces! I had never seen these products, and I was pretty impressed. Everything seemed to be reasonably priced and well-made. Also, there are “food network” tips on the packaging which is fun. I got these lovely little glass bowls, because D and I have fruit with dinner most nights, and these were the perfect size!


Rebecca Taylor said...

I hear you on the dry hands....mine are already starting to look scale-y! :)

Kate said...

I love the drawer dividers

Randall said...

I'm a fan of a great drawer divider too... I need to get some for my undies though!

GrosgrainBride said...

OMG! I thought I was the only one who loved drawer dividers -- theres more of us?! Awesome.

Solar Powered said...

ooo, thanks for the post. I'm all over these suggestions. And have a Kohl less than 5 miles from my house where I've never shopped.