Monday, August 18, 2008

Comfort or Beauty … or Both?

I am definitely a creature of comfort. I will suffer a little for beauty, but for the most part, I just love to be comfortable. Some of my favorite things to bum around the house in are bathrobes. I have white spa robes, fluffy marshmallow robes, and even a gorgeous pink Vera Wang robe.

However, I have noticed that D has never been too keen on my love of robes, and recently I discovered why. When we were on vacation with his family, I noticed something interesting. My mother-in-law lives in robes too! And some of the ones she likes to spend time in are strikingly similar to mine…oh dear.

I haven’t even been married a year, so it is too early to start reminding my husband of his mother. I spent the weekend looking for alternative “loungewear,” something both comfy and cute, and I think there are some great possibilities out there. I love pajama and loungewear “sets.” Also, there are some gorgeous fabrics being used. What are your favorite "comfort clothes?"

Victoria's Secret "Mayfair" Pajamas, comfortable but girly.

Gap Body has these "softwear" lounge clothes that look very comfy.


The Mrs. said...

Omg I love alll of these!

Petunia said...

I love to hang out at home in my nightgown! I can't wear pajamas and rarely wear my robes b/c they make me too hot. A nice lightweight nightie is the most comfy thing for me--they can be silk or cotton.