Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Thank You!

Thank you to Downtown Southern for my very first award! I am really thrilled, and I love her blog as well!

I think I am supposed to pass this award along to two other blogs. I pick Magnolia Belle and Adventures in Argyle. Two great reads! Thank you again!


Ann said...

Congratulations sis! You deserve it! I really enjoy reading your blog, it always adds sunshine to my day!! :)

TAG said...
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AEG said...

Congrats and thank you!

P.S. If you get notification that TAG left you a comment it was me leaving you the above one. I am on her computer and failed to notice that she was signed in. Oy. Read about my travel nightmare last night and this last of observant-ness will be painfully clear.

Well, thanks again :)

magnoliabelle said...

THANKS!! You are so sweet!