Wednesday, July 23, 2008

JCrew Sale

If you are like me and missed the “Additional 30% of Sale Merchandise” at, it looks like there is one more chance to offset shipping. Type in “EXTRA20” at checkout and get 20% off final sale items. I hate paying for shipping so getting 20% off helps somewhat. Also, I got to stock up on JCrew flip flops which are now $9.99!! I have worn my old pair into the ground, so I got myself another cute pair and one for my sister. (Sis, if you are reading this, don’t buy any flip flops. I got you a cute pair.)

Another blogger was talking about bridesmaids gifts, and JCrew always makes me think of what I did for mine. I was married in Florida on the beach, so I made each bridesmaid a beachbag to greet them! I got a JCrew tote monogrammed and filled it with critter flip flops, a Missoni head scarf (got to protect those highlights in the sun!), gossip mags, a few products, a bottle of water and candy. It was a lot of fun to pick stuff out for my girls, and I recall everyone really liking the flip flops in particular! If you know any “beachy” brides, now might be a good time to check JCrew!


Muffy said...

I totally missed out on 30% off too. The thing is- most of the stuff on the crew site says "null" and you can't buy them! BLEH!

Em said...

I had the same thing happen with an adorable dress and headband. Null, hmm...It probably saved me from spending too much, but its still a bummer!